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Acronym: Big Tits, Fat Ass
Whoa that bitch is all BTFA!
by pshik August 12, 2006
Highly popularized acronym that most effectively captures the essences of excitement, surprise, happiness, or downright shock. It is to be used when one is "Blown The Fuck Away" by a particular event or circumstance.
"After dating for two years, my boyfriend came out as gay...BTFA!"

"She called ME a slut when her last two hookups were in a Denny's parking lot...BTFA!"

"My iPhone has a vuvuzela app so I can make it sound like the World Cup all year long...BTFA!"
by Jonesaaay July 08, 2010
Beat that fucking ass
Bro I'm about to btfa on that hoe there
by spartan065 May 11, 2013
Acronyme. Bad the fuck ass.
Friend of mine: Dude I just found 100 fucking bucks on the ground! LOL!
Me: Shit dude that's btfa!
by Lothian January 20, 2006

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