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Black Street Walker
Saw a BSW walking downtown but didn't stop, thought LE was nearby.
by BoredGuy August 15, 2003
Bitch Slut Whore; Someone who is annoying in many different ways; Nickname
Oh my god, Blanca is such a BSW! Look at the way she dresses!
by Daniela Larson December 12, 2007
British School of Washington. A very very small school in Washington DC USA.
I go to the British School of Washington.
by Welshkorn July 12, 2005
BSW is the, rather, an acronym for "Bitch Says What". Both a question mark and/or and exclamation point can be added to the end of this word(s).
Man 1: Dude, I had sex with your sister last night.
Man 2: BSW!?
Man 3: OH SHI-
Man 1: It's not my fault, she came onto me!

Dude: I think it's time you get tested.
Dudette: BSW?!
by daboom-meista April 11, 2009
Big Sex Weekend. An out-of-town trip planned by a couple for romantic purposes, many of which are to have time and privacy for a lot of time in bed. Or wherever.
A: Sorry, I can't be there, my husband and I are going up to Big Sur for a few days.

B: Sounds nice. BSW?

A: I sure hope so.
by pieplate August 08, 2009
Meaning, bitches, skanks, whores and sluts. Being an abbreviation. Pronounced as an abbreviation.

A Chicago slang term, originating in La, coined by the hardstyle producer Used and Abused, it gained popularity in Chicago with the remix of the original song BSWS, by Caffeine a prominent Chicagoland DJ Producer.

It it most commonly associated with the chicago klubheadz or club life movement
BSWS all day, everyday.
by zajicthemagic September 24, 2009
Bullet Shot Wound
BSW's to the chest and neck. He's dead
by AndreiArlovski October 26, 2009

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