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Tricks...... Brycin is the kind of guy that'll spin circles around your head if your not careful and don't wear your amulet. If you drink with him at a bar, don't pick up the check, he'll trick you into paying. Brycin's are so tricky, that they make the Trix rabbit look like a trained house cat. Be weary when hanging around Brycin.
Brycin is a fuckin trickster..... I can't believe he tricked me......
by mario9999999999 July 03, 2015
brycin is a definite pimp. hes so cute all the girls want him for themself. though he can be crazy at times, his swag is through the roof. brycin is a blonde haired beauty that loves fruit loops.
he likes booty booty songs.
brycin is a straight up playa.
by brycins uncle March 02, 2011

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