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Bro + pwnage = brwnage. The most interesting type of pwnage because it involves one person being more bro than another.
Bro 1: I have on two pairs of socks isn't that cool?!
Bro 2: Check it out, I'm wearing 3 pairs.
Other bros: Bro 2, you're brwnage
#brwned #brwnify #brwnilicious #brwny #brwn
by LuluCollins March 06, 2012
when your brain is used in an ownage OR a pwnage situation
derived from the adding together of "brain" and ownage
Guy 1: My car has a top speed of 200 mph

Guy 2: yeah well, the speed of light has a constant speed of 299, 792, 458 m/s in a vacuum, also, "BRWNAGE"
#ownage #pwnage #awesome #brain #small furry animals
by iamthatguy93 September 17, 2009
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