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This is the term given to music which is particularly brutal and/or necro. It is often given to bands who are particularly extreme such as black metal and death metal bands. The replacement of the 'u' with a 'v' only acts to accentuate the level of brutality reached by the band.
Thorgrim: That Burzum album was fukcing brvtal
Fredrik Axesplitter: I agree
by Thorgrim the Impaler November 25, 2004
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the act of curling the fingers of both your hands to look as if you are grasping something, while making a random menacing face in order to look like you were in the cover of one of Darkthrone's albums.
Trve Krew is knowing for getting Brvtal all over Pleasanton.
by ARvINian Genocide December 06, 2004

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