Despite many of these definitions refering to chavs using this word. This is incorrect although it may have been to start with. The word now is used quite commonly as a alternative word to friend.
"Hey you alright bruv?"
by Al-Pacino NW10 May 19, 2007
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A word used by mainly South Londoners. It's the shorter version of 'bruvva' which is a slang variation of 'brother'
Ez mate. You alright, bruv?
by TheCheekyOne April 26, 2006
Chav word for 'mate'. Typically used 3 or 4 times per sentence.
bruv, yes, bruv, innit, bruv.
by Miniskwinkie December 19, 2005
The word most commonly used by Chaves and Townies, to describe the fellow friend.
Used instead of "mate".
Means Brother.
"Aight bruv?"
"Know what I'm saying bruv?"
"I outta kill you bruv!!"
by Corpse July 25, 2004
a word chavs use to end every scentence they say.
hey bruv, yessssss bruv, init bruvvv. whats chllin bruv.
by chav_killer000 November 02, 2009
Platonic love between guys that are close friends. From "brotherly love."
You're awesome dude. Bruv bro, bruv!
by niallnz April 11, 2011
Bruv is the British version of saying the english version of "bro". The word can be used a comical manner of a more sarcastic manner. Many Brits use "bruv" to poke fun at Americans.
American states "Lets link up for some brew bruv." (Incorrect usage)

British Mate states "Nah means bruv.....Oye." (Correct Verision)
by NolansMaster February 03, 2011

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