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Chav word for 'mate'. Typically used 3 or 4 times per sentence.
bruv, yes, bruv, innit, bruv.
by Miniskwinkie December 19, 2005
Squinty-eyed old man who shoves gerbils up his arse.
Richard Gere is in another movie with some girl his granddaughter's age.
by Miniskwinkie December 20, 2005
Company that cons people by selling them repackaged sugar.
I lost 5 pounds and 10 teeth on the Slim Fast diet.
by Miniskwinkie January 29, 2006
1) Fast food place that sells chicken.
2) Colonel Saunders' birthplace
Fancy going to kentucky and getting a bargain bucket?
by Miniskwinkie December 20, 2005

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