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(n) A male version of the dreaded "bikini-spider." These unfortunate social-faux-paus are caused by a total lack of twigs-and-berries grooming. Also known as "out of control" male bush, brusters should never be sported in front of your boys or potential ladies.
Dude, I am never sharing a locker with Mike again...we are changing for a quick game of lacrosse at the club, and I fuckin have to look at his brusters for 4 minutes. They even show through his gay shorts. Fuck that guy.
by O'Brennan July 14, 2010
To take one's virginity. Relates to the 'brusters' cherry
Man we went to brusters last night, and i'm not talking about the ice cream shop. it was cherry poppin good!"
by Peter-pots-n-pans December 14, 2007
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