Brunt is a power word, much like 'mokujinken' 'flick tab' and 'Pand'
Brunt originates from the name of the immortal, Mr. Brunt who sold his soul to the devil for eternal life and great power. Mr. Brunt became a science teacher and lives in a house that smells of coffee and lives with his best mate 'Barry' who he kills frequently.
Barry: I have a joke
Brunt: (sigh) Yer 'ded' Barry
Barry: *head explodes*
by Davio July 05, 2004
an act caused by a female's brain being on a multitasking overload and gets severly confused, incorrect messages are sent through the body, and causes the female to shit out of her vagina.  
Person 1: Dude, I heard that Kelly layed down a brunt in physics yesterday

Person 2: NO WAY, how do you guys know it was a brunt?!

Person 1: dude she was freaking out and screaming WHAT JUST CAME OUT OF MY VAGINA OMG, then John stood up and screamed EW, KELLY BRUNTED, and she ran out of the class crying.
by GotKicks42024 October 08, 2009
too cool for words... extremely cool
Edward Van Brunt is the bruntest kid ever
by adams wife December 05, 2003
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