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The state of being drunk at brunch.

"Dude, no more Bloody Marys for you, you're way brunk."
by fuckeduponbeeranddrugs October 26, 2008
6 15
to work out
Yo, lets brunk later.

Whoa, you're looking pretty brunked lately.
by ace12345 June 08, 2009
98 35
n. To be large and muscular and/or jacked due to working out a lot.

Hella Brunk: Very jacked.

Pinner: Opposite of brunk.

v. To brunk: The physical act of working out and lifting weights to become brunk.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was Hella Brunk back in the 1970's.
by stifmeister October 28, 2007
32 25
Black out Drunk
Dude i was brunk last night
by Dave storys February 05, 2010
6 14
BRUNK (adj.) Broke and Drunk. Something that typically occurs around last call when you're drunk and too broke to buy another drink.. Probably because your drunk ass lost your cash/credit card.
I want another Jameson and Ginger Ale but I'm too Brunk, maybe I should just go home!
by Ashley Ruusu December 31, 2010
13 22
1) to beat the shit out of someone
2) new version of owned

"Yo, I am gunna brunk u motha fucka!"
by Queen Brunker March 09, 2009
4 13
A person that is generally inept at anything they do.
Man, that Matt guy is such a brunk.
by Cimino October 15, 2008
5 14