The state of being drunk at brunch.

"Dude, no more Bloody Marys for you, you're way brunk."
by fuckeduponbeeranddrugs October 26, 2008
Top Definition
to work out
Yo, lets brunk later.

Whoa, you're looking pretty brunked lately.
by ace12345 June 08, 2009
n. To be large and muscular and/or jacked due to working out a lot.

Hella Brunk: Very jacked.

Pinner: Opposite of brunk.

v. To brunk: The physical act of working out and lifting weights to become brunk.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was Hella Brunk back in the 1970's.
by stifmeister October 28, 2007
The level of drunkenness at which point you find even the most absurd things funny. Often accompanied by odd sexual acts.
"I got so Brunk last night I let Juan give me the ol Mexican Rice}."
by ptown829 October 12, 2015
becoming inebriated during brunch usually off of unlimited mimosas.
Shannon couldn't make it to afternoon mass because she got brunk at that nice french place on Solano blvd.
by Juan Thecomedian September 28, 2010
Black out Drunk
Dude i was brunk last night
by Dave storys February 05, 2010
1. The act of getting hyphy with the opposite sex.
2. Getting wasted and actin a fool, trick.
Oh man, this spring break I'm all about getting brunk with some bitches and tricks.
by Bhavenflaven October 21, 2010
The buzz you have when you're drunk and then get baked.
"I got nice and brunk after the bar last night!"
by ready123go June 17, 2009

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