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Term used in talking to a friend, Usually preceded by Aye-

From the Single "Bruh Bruh" By Plies Which is a terrible song, yet saying "bruh bruh is addicting and fun to say.
Tyrell Smith- Aye bruh bruh

Dantavious Jackson- Wassss'good bruh bruh

Ty- Nothing much bruh bruh

Dantavious- oh true bruh bruh lets'get some bitches and booze bruh bruh

Ty-Bruh bruh, did you just say "bitches and booze?"

Dantavious- Yeah bruh bruh

Ty- Kill you self Niqqa!

Dantavious- mayne fuqq you bruh bruh
by Boss of the Boss September 12, 2010
to call a friend your brother
hey bruh bruh whats good for tonight, be cool bruh bruh
by Job209 July 28, 2006