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a way of males (usually african american) to greet one another, it is a term commonly used by those in the "bloods" gang
"wassup bruh?", "bruh, you see dat gurl right der? dat girl gotta donk!"
by Guthix February 24, 2009
71 111
Used by african Americans Males in everyday vocabulary or to greet one another
Wassup Bruh!!!

Damn Bruh, Thats yo Gal!? She Fine as Hell
by Jae' June 08, 2005
1126 519
Another way of saying bro.
Made unpopular by Pauly Shore.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
733 336
a way of greeting a male friend or aquaitance. Originated in the bay area. short for brother. bruh-ther. Not broh-ther. It makes more sense to use this word.
"It's been a while. What have you been up to, bruh?"
"Nothin much. Just workin hella hours."
by justin wellman November 24, 2007
470 239
Referring to a male friend or associate!
Bruh,why is it that today seem like a Friday?
by GrapeASU March 06, 2006
389 214
-1. a person who you cool with coming from either a male/female.
-Wat uhp Bruh!
by Dimples_988 October 21, 2009
199 132
Adjective used when somebody has you feeling some type of way.
Person 1: I dropped the dank.
Person 2: Bruh.
by Dickslinger3 July 08, 2014
27 3
Bro or brah
Person: who is that kid?
You: that's my bruh Aidan
by pokemon218 June 04, 2014
26 9