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Abbreviation of the word bird. To show someone up. To be smacked down.
When that guy beat you in straight sets, you got the brrt.
I asked her out. Got the brrt. Said she would rather go with her uncle.
by Brugz February 25, 2003
4 38
another word for "no" or "not".
Boy 1: "Dude that chick was soooo hot"
Boy 2: "Brrrrrrt

Boy 1: "have you done your homework"
Boy 2: "yeah brrt."
by dytno May 26, 2009
88 18
a general greeting or inqisitive remark
"hey brrt!" or, "brrt?"
by sect February 23, 2003
16 25
A sound of a fart
brrrrt.. Exuse me
by G.S. November 23, 2003
20 32
A general replacement for any noun.
What a brrt. That is a real brrt.
by fatty February 24, 2003
5 26