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ALternate moniker to 'gonads' or 'testicles'.
That dude has big nads.

Yeah, we'll that's what they pay him the big porn bucks for.
by Brugz January 19, 2003
To look for any file on the Internet. Often used much like IMDB.com to resolve disputes.
Guy 1: There is more than one acoustic version of Foo Fighters' Everlong out there.
Guy 2: No, there isn't.
Guy 1: Kazaa it.

Note: Also used to resolve porn star cameo questions.
by Brugz February 25, 2003
To be not one bit cool. To be like your loser uncle.

Syn: Tool
The thirty-five year old would always attend undergrad parties. He is a complete uncle.
by Brugz February 25, 2003
Abbreviation of the word bird. To show someone up. To be smacked down.
When that guy beat you in straight sets, you got the brrt.
I asked her out. Got the brrt. Said she would rather go with her uncle.
by Brugz February 25, 2003

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