A sound of a fart
brrrrt.. Exuse me
by G.S. November 23, 2003
Top Definition
another word for "no" or "not".
Boy 1: "Dude that chick was soooo hot"
Boy 2: "Brrrrrrt

Boy 1: "have you done your homework"
Boy 2: "yeah brrt."
by dytno May 26, 2009
a general greeting or inqisitive remark
"hey brrt!" or, "brrt?"
by sect February 23, 2003
A general replacement for any noun.
What a brrt. That is a real brrt.
by fatty February 24, 2003
Abbreviation of the word bird. To show someone up. To be smacked down.
When that guy beat you in straight sets, you got the brrt.
I asked her out. Got the brrt. Said she would rather go with her uncle.
by Brugz February 25, 2003

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