When you do something good for something you are warded brownie points. Like when you take a chick to eat or buy her clothes or something. You get brownie points.
I bought my bitch a fur coat yesterday and got hella brownie points for it. Im going to be all up in dem guts later on tonight.
by M1k3 J. J0n3s August 15, 2006
The tell-tale reference points of contact made while brown nosing the BOSS; a source of recognition of one's depth perception, which is what seperates you from a simple brown noser and an all out s#!t head. If they appear behind your ears, you may want to practice holding your breath,that is if you really need that raise.
Billy brought Miss Kinky an apple,and a box of MAGNUM Condums. I think he's working on his brownie points.
by terryzz February 15, 2009
Props for brown nosers. That's really all there is to it.
He voluteered in the school kitchen to get some brownie points.
by Adam Laughlin August 14, 2005
a phrase used for complementing people who stand out in a crowd or even in a conversation. Points are often given to people who know answers that people are looking for.
Sarah gets brownie points for having a cute sweater on today.
by Marky G June 01, 2006
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