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The action of shitting into a condom, than using it as a dildo.
Something Heather Carey would use as a dildo.

"Hey, Look! Heather is working that brown snake."
by TMyspace2000 July 26, 2009
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a turd, poop, shit, duece, etc.
I gotta go, a brown snake is playin peek-a-boo with my butthole
by rmfp August 21, 2006
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Deadly venomous family of snakes found in Australia, particularly dangerous because of it's aggressive behaviour and wide habitat.
Strewth! I just stepped over a log and found a brown snake. Cranky bastard had a go at me too! It even chased me back a few metres before it slid off.

<OK, apologies for the gratuitous lingo.>
by Flex, Khan of Putnay September 23, 2006
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