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Blacking out so hard you accidentally shit your-self. The morning after realizing this officially makes you a victim of a brown-out.
A. After eating taco bell extremely blacked out, "some dude" had a brown out.

B. After having a brown out, no guys would touch insert name of some girl anymore, fearing she might get drunk and crap all over.

C. Dude I browned out and woke up with more than just a bad hangover.
by Mofftits December 02, 2009
After a long night of drinking one will black out from drinking large amounts of alcohol. If one wakes up the next morning remembering nothing, but with a shit in ones pants then one has "browned out."
"Dude I totally am going to brown out tonight. I just ate a ton of taco bell and plan on drinking a ton!"
by j8c11 November 30, 2009
Accidentally taking a dump in your pants.
Simon had a brown out on his way to work and had to return home to change his pants.
by Scrufty September 08, 2005
The tobacco equivalent of a black out or green out.

When you smoke so much tobacco that you throw up a pure brown mucus product.
Dude, I can't have any more of that cigar or else I'll brown out.

Last night I was so drunk I chain smoked a whole pack of cigarettes, now this morning I'm paying for it with a nice brown out.
by Qwes June 18, 2012
When one passes out while taking a massive dump.
"Dude I had a brown out an hour ago!"

"What the hell is a brown out?"

"It's when you pass out when your taking a really big crap!"
by boomjigger October 14, 2011
A mixed drink containing Jagermeister and apple cider.
Damn, that is one rugged Brownout.
by Z. Wallace November 20, 2010
A term used to describe the accidental unwanted release of faeces when clothed. This can be during times of diarrhoea or when over zealously trying to push out a fart for amusement.

The plain meaning is that the Brown (faeces) came out of the body.

When a brownout occurs the unfortunate victim usually suffers embarrassment, shame and has the need to head home.
Antony was the victim of a brownout on the way to the store and had to go straight home to shower and change his pants.
by blluefish1 June 07, 2009