Blacking out so hard you accidentally shit your-self. The morning after realizing this officially makes you a victim of a brown-out.
A. After eating taco bell extremely blacked out, "some dude" had a brown out.

B. After having a brown out, no guys would touch insert name of some girl anymore, fearing she might get drunk and crap all over.

C. Dude I browned out and woke up with more than just a bad hangover.
by Mofftits December 02, 2009
After a long night of drinking one will black out from drinking large amounts of alcohol. If one wakes up the next morning remembering nothing, but with a shit in ones pants then one has "browned out."
"Dude I totally am going to brown out tonight. I just ate a ton of taco bell and plan on drinking a ton!"
by j8c11 November 30, 2009
The tobacco equivalent of a black out or green out.

When you smoke so much tobacco that you throw up a pure brown mucus product.
Dude, I can't have any more of that cigar or else I'll brown out.

Last night I was so drunk I chain smoked a whole pack of cigarettes, now this morning I'm paying for it with a nice brown out.
by Qwes June 18, 2012
When one passes out while taking a massive dump.
"Dude I had a brown out an hour ago!"

"What the hell is a brown out?"

"It's when you pass out when your taking a really big crap!"
by boomjigger October 14, 2011
When you go drinking and the next morning or sometimes later that nights you realize that pieces of the night are missing from your memory. To fluctuate between remembering and being blackout drunk.
GUY 1: What'd you do last night

GUY 2: Well I remember playing drinking games at the house, I don't know how but I somehow eneded up at a club. The next thing I remember was being in a cab with two hot girls who didn't speak english. I must of fucked up though because I woke up on the doorstep to the house.

GUY 1: Fucking Brownouts always screw you over in the end.
by jiffrey June 07, 2007
Accidentally taking a dump in your pants.
Simon had a brown out on his way to work and had to return home to change his pants.
by Scrufty September 08, 2005
A mixed drink containing Jagermeister and apple cider.
Damn, that is one rugged Brownout.
by Z. Wallace November 20, 2010

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