v. or n.
To lower one's naked, possibly unwiped anus onto an unsuspecting, supine, sleeping victim's face and then waking them up to an eyeful of butt
At the sleepover last night, Ben gave Bruce a brown nose while he was asleep
by Dr. Zhivago January 25, 2006
Origin: results when waking up in the middle of the night to eat out your girlfriend or significant other's private anal area; only to find they had passed wet gas leaving the person performing oral service covered with brown debris.

Verb: means having a bad day, fucked over, or being treated badly
Also: Brown nosed, brown noseying
Having a bad day:

How was your day bro?

Fuck dude, I got brown nosed the entired day. My boss kept being a cunt to me all day. Yelling at me and asking me to do tons of useless bullshit work.

Getting fucked over:

Dude, you just got another 4 hours of work at 10 pm on Friday, and you've been here since 6 am. You got brown nosed, ha ha

Bro, I drank a lot last night. I'm fucking brown nosed today.

Getting screwed:

If two bros work together for the same boss:

Bro, I work less than you, leave earlier every day and I got a phat raise. You got brown nosed--no raise and you work twice as hard as me. Fuck YEAH!!!

After partying too hard:

Bro, we smoked pot all night, drank five handles of crown and did 3 grams of coke, I'm fuckn brown nosed today

Fucked over:

Dude, I'm gonna brown nose that bitch. She's been lying and cheating on me. I'm gonna key her fucking car, bust a nut in her milk, put pubes in her food in the fridge; and dip her tooth brush in the toilet. That cunt is never gonna know.
by Mike999 August 05, 2009
Some one who sucks up to another or ass kiss's
B;your look good today oh ur so clever
a:errrr yea
by A*B November 25, 2002
where one sticks his/her nose up twos arse for twos sexual pleasure.
Mrs 1 : How about you brown nose me tonight
Mr 1 : Okay, only if it doesnt smell like faraz
by Florescent Shitworks December 02, 2006
to open your ass cheeks and go up to someone (passed out, sleeping, or if your homosexual or something, or you like it) and put ur asshole on their nose leaving marks of your shit hence called a brown nose.
dude jake passed out at the party last night and someone brown nosed him.

bitch stfu or ima brown nose your ass.

hold em down! hold em down! BROWN NOSE EM!!!
by Mr.shi October 03, 2007
When shove ur ass in somebodies face and their nose goes so far up ur ass that they get shit on their nose. Very close to a stinkface
One time, i was at my friends house with another one of my friends, and they got pissed at me. They taped me to the wall and gave me the worst stinkface after. I then had a brown nose after. Then they took their jockstrap and made me wear it over my face. It was nasty.
by Brown Nose Biatch March 04, 2007
when someone is passed out, you stick your asshole directly on the persons nose, then fart, twice.
J-OP got brown nosed at the basketball tournament.
by Evan Met April 29, 2006

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