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When someone spreads their butt cheeks and places their asshole directly on a sleeping persons face and farts and/ or shits.
Jimmy's sleeping, quick shit on his face!
Oh, you mean a brown helmet!
by Stalin37 March 20, 2005
When the tip of you head has shit on it.
Damn i just butt fucked that bitch and got a brown helmet
by NIGGA December 06, 2002
What you need when your head is too far up your ass.
My brother needs to get a brown helmet to hit on chicks.
by Dani January 14, 2004
Term in Iowa meaning being rejected by a significant other with a visual of being dumped (on) and ending up with (brown) shit on your head.
Aw Fuck! Nancy gave me the brown helmet.
by funfuker May 02, 2015
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