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when you or a person you're sexing dips your penis into nutella and names it danny
"Dude she gave me a brown danny last night, it felt so nice"
by bboyps0985 September 23, 2013
When one place's one's erect penis (especially the glans) inside a freshly opened jar of nutella.

When one cuts off their penis in this state and swirls it around his ear, it is called a brown willy.
John: "Dude, last night Cindy gave me a brown danny for my birthday, it was amazing."

David: "No way, Katie never gives me brown dannys. You are one lucky dude."
by brixxtadanigga September 24, 2013
Placing your penis into an opened jar of nutella.
Person 1: "Dude, she totally gave me a brown danny last night"
Person 2: "Damn, you're so lucky, my girl doesn't give me brown dannys"
by BrownDannyYum September 24, 2013