when a girl has a great body and an ok face so you just want to put a bag over her head and f**k her. only players do this, or even think about this.
wow! look at maddy...mmmm. brown paper bag her
by maddy stepnoski June 11, 2009
Top Definition
a big brown bag full of cash money, or a bag used to conceal a 40 oz bottle of liquor.

Man I can fit like 50 thousand ones in that brown paper bag.
by gbrd December 17, 2007
A 32oz or a 40oz bottle of beer wrapped in a brown paper bag because you like the look of it usually bought at quik stops, gas stations,7-11's... Ect.

Also the title of a slaming DJ Khaled song
Let's hit up the quik stop and get us some brown paper bags... Son!

That brown paper bag.... That brown paper bag!!
by Cecilia and Sabrina October 11, 2007
Brown Paper Bag is a trucker's term for an unmarked police cruiser commonly heard over the CB Radio. If there's a brown paper bag and he's drinking it, that means said cop has got somebody.
"Breaker, breaker 1-9, got a brown paper bag at mile marker 1-2-3."
by Jay Dog September 28, 2005
an object that has ruined my life
Ever since i smoked it im always coughning
by i forgot March 10, 2005
A device that may be used to smoke if you are incredibly stupid.
Hey look Luisito is smoking a brown paper bag. What a dumbfuck
by james February 18, 2005
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