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having the potential or possibility of being bro or bro-esque, acting like a bro, supplementing as a bro, or in all practicality, having the ability to bro out
1. that f-150 has serious brotential, you oughta lift that shit.

2. your fist pumps have serious brotential for making the 2011 jersey shore cast

3. i realized my buddy had brotential when he couldn't go out without all of his friends at once, gelling his hair, and ordering heinekens and jageh bahmbs, all fuckin night

4. not now chief, i may brotentially be in the fuckin zone

5. i got my game cube, jack johnson albums, a six pack, a BIG black dildo, and a can of axe. this night has serious brotential.
by HipStir January 29, 2010
The potential to become a bro
I don't know you that well but you have a lot of brotential.
by Aquabats14 October 10, 2010

Having the potential to host a good brodate with you and your boy(s).
bro 1: "Yo homie, you see that new strip club that opened up on Main Street?"

bro 2: "Yeah Bro, I hear it serves steak sandwiches with shredded hasbrowns for lunch."

bro 1: "Dude, that place has serious brotential. Lets go."
by k_lub February 02, 2011
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