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An amalgamation of bro and spectacular, refering specifically to the special way in which a bro is performing said duties. This creates a hierarchy which differentiates between the average bro and the accentuated BROoooh (sometimes refered to in certain regions as Dudebros) Usually the cause celebre for such an action requires an extreme level of broness exhibited and results in the immediate promotion of the bro to a higher, exalted level of bros known as brodom. For something to have been acknowledged as brotacular, the incident must involve the use of the word 'bro' at least 100 times, and a panel of bros must all come to a brocision in order for the event to be recognized.
Bro Judge #1: Well my bros, i've never seen such dedication to the cause of 'broing' in my entire life.
Bro Judge #2: SImply incredible. I never thought i'd hear the glorious word used more than 100 times in one sentence. Simply Brotacular.
Bro Judge #3: Send him the standard issue birkenstocks and polo t's. One of the best displays of brocabulary i've ever seen. *raises his glass*
by His Broness January 24, 2008
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