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Brostep is the horrible trend that almost destroyed the beautiful sounds that were once called "dubstep."

Dubstep was once a wonderful, unique sound.

Eventually, everyone and their brother (even the best DJs we once looked up to), decided to RUIN dubstep by turning it into the most trendy music ever.

Brostep is played in venues where boys are often seen to and enjoy dancing with each other.... shirtless.

Brosteppers (those who engage in Brostep), do not know anything about the EDM scene, are unable to name a single DJ, are armed with an arsenal of glowsticks, and will listen to whatever horrible promoter tells them to follow.

Brostep is also referred to as "scrubstep."
I hear there's a lot of BroStep goin on at this parking lot massive.

Man, Borgore makes me want to Brostep all night long! I hope I catch one of the dildos he throws out in the crowd. No wait, I want a sheep!
by Poca Hotness November 23, 2011
Brostep is a dance step which is a modified version of the Pogo where you jump up and down in place. This dance is commonly found in dub-step venues. The brostep is typically limited to very drunk fraternity boys with no rhythm who jump up and down on the dance floor while fist pumping or flailing their arms. Salient points of the brostep are:
1. You are very drunk or on drugs
2. You have a drink in one hand you spill on everyone around you
3. Your flailing arms knock the drinks out of bystanders hands and spill it all over them
4. You land on bystander's toes

5. Repeat these steps as you push you way onto an already crowded dance floor
6. Dancing in a circle with your other brosteppers is optional.
7. Yell things like "Fuck yeah" "Yeah Bro" "Doood" and "I'm so fucked up"
"Stay away from those brosteppers up by the DJ booth"
by EzraDV August 17, 2011
what the hipsters of EDM think that some dubstep should be just because it isnt done to the exact detail of the dubstep standards. this group of idiots think they are better than everyone and they know it all. brostep in reality doesn't exist. sadly these idiots do though
"brostep doesnt follow the tempo of dubstep"
by flaviusisamoron November 06, 2011
A petty excuse to not like dubstep artists such as Rusko, Datsik, Dotor P, and Flux Pavillion. Because they push the envelope.
Hater: Man I just dont like Rusko he's so......Brostep

Actual Dubstep Fan: FUCK. YOU.
by Chris Brockhurst August 16, 2011