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Groups of girls that go out to restaurants and night clubs and incessantly take group pictures of themselves so they can post them on Facebook and marvel at how good looking they, and all their friends are.
The me-parazzi girls never actually meet or dance with anyone when they go out.
by EzraDV August 20, 2011
Brostep is a dance step which is a modified version of the Pogo where you jump up and down in place. This dance is commonly found in dub-step venues. The brostep is typically limited to very drunk fraternity boys with no rhythm who jump up and down on the dance floor while fist pumping or flailing their arms. Salient points of the brostep are:
1. You are very drunk or on drugs
2. You have a drink in one hand you spill on everyone around you
3. Your flailing arms knock the drinks out of bystanders hands and spill it all over them
4. You land on bystander's toes

5. Repeat these steps as you push you way onto an already crowded dance floor
6. Dancing in a circle with your other brosteppers is optional.
7. Yell things like "Fuck yeah" "Yeah Bro" "Doood" and "I'm so fucked up"
"Stay away from those brosteppers up by the DJ booth"
by EzraDV August 17, 2011
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