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(Bro-skeez-zur) (N) A term that refers to someone that you don't like or don't know very well or both. Calling someone a broskiser tells them "You're probably a very nice person, but I either don't like you or don't know you well enough to be sure." Such as answering a truth is on from someone you don't know very well or don't like or from an anonymous hater who refuses to reveal who they are because:
A. Their parents won't allow them to reveal themselves.

B. They don't want to say it to your face because they

Or C. They're just a pansy on the Internet and in real life.
Horton: Truth is I don't know you well or what you even look like because you never post a pic of yourself on here, pansy.

Mayzie: That's nice, broskiser.
by J.K. Snicket October 19, 2013

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