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Josephus (AD 37 – c. 100)(Joseph, son of Matthias) was a first-century Jewish historian and apologist of priestly and royal ancestry who survived and recorded the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. His works give an important insight into first-century Judaism.

Since he was able to survive and record all this data, we know Josephus must have been a bro. So now, in today's society, it is common to relate Josephus to today's bros, combining the name and the term into one common term: brosephus.

Generally, this term is used to describe someone who is so incredibly bro, they are able to completely pack the double horseshoe and consume massive amounts of Nati light. Sometimes, however, the term is just used jokingly amongst friends.
"Hey, Brosephus, you tryin' to pack a tin right now?"

"Yes, my fellow brosephus, I fucked her in the ass"
by Cisco Child February 05, 2009
A term of endearment, combining the terms broseph and bocephus. Originates from the nickname of Hank Williams, Jr. but can be used by-and-towards both Bocephus fans and non-fans alike. Similar to brocephus, but does not carry the same country music connotation. Female equivalent is "brosephusette".
This guy, he's my brosephus. This girl, she's my brosephusette.
by Henry Krinkle June 23, 2007
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