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An intimate sexual relationship between two men of the opposite size and/or age
I think my older buddy with dreads and bosses little brother are in a bropo
by Kenrad Pleating October 01, 2009
The bro version of a police officer. Only "bro" cops can receive the name "Bro Po".

It is more commonly used on the east coast for New York/New Jersey cops.
Boy 1: Yo dude! I got pulled over today for speeding.

Boy 2: Did you get a ticket?

Boy 1: Nahh. The cop was a Bro Po. Mad chill brahh.
by BroPoLover February 24, 2011
When two friends take a dump in a public bathroom in adjacent cubicles. It's cool because you can have conversations and bond while taking a dump.
Noun - "Hey let's take a bropo." Verb - "Me and my buddy are bropoing." "Let's bropo in those pubicles."
by IbechuckyD October 24, 2014
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