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Browsing the internet while pooping.
Making the most of her lunch break, Dashawna took her Dell Inspirion 5374 to the restroom to do some brooping.
by ohchunky September 16, 2010
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Brooping is brushing while you take a poop. We do it because 1. We are in a hurry
2. It is a more comfortable form of brushing teeth.

Skills required: 1. Accurate spitting through the hole between your legs and into the toilet seat. 2. Remembering which hand holds the toothbrush and which holds the TP.
BRO1: Yo Brosizzle, how come your cock tastes like toothpaste?
BRO2: Well Brosuff, I was brooping like ten minutes ago and I totally spit toothpaste all over my dick!
by Pi2nkSti1nk April 17, 2011
15 5
Texting your bro while pooping.
Bro #1 - "sup dude"

Bro #2 - "Nothing dude, just taking a poop"

Bro #1 - "Ah dude me too!!, we're brooping!!"
by Chilicheeseenchilada August 14, 2010
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