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brooger is another word for the name brooke, she'll give you wedgies, boob punches, and make fun of boner hair.
She's got a boyfriend, usually with a ton of freckles(freckle face) that she simply adores. She plays volleyball and is pretty good at it. She's a dork like baby man but less than him. She simply hates her civics teacher, because he thinks they're retarded or something. She's got two bestfriends though one of them is the bomb diggity ahemmm.. anyway she can be tons of fun and has the best dance moves with her bomb diggity friend. She also likes to shart alot.
hey you know brooger?
oh you mean brooke?
yeah, she's got some big tatas.
oh really? dude your right!
by Gabbers18 January 29, 2009

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