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school more prestigious and well known than most colleges. students seem normal until you compare them to kids from different schools and realize they're just weird.

they will merge mainstream slang & words like "like" w/ SAT words and are kind of hard to understand if you arent one of them but waay cool.

most of the girls are goodlooking, and aren't exactlty "nerds" but most get good grades.

equal ratio of extremly hot guys to guys so ugly you can't even look at them.

science kids can be easily identified by other sciencites, even if they've never seen each other.
"Omg! I was at like the Bronx Science against Clinton basketball game & a guy from clinton missed when he threw the ball while standing on the parabola that's on the court."

"yo I'm so pissed. I broke my new TI 84 silver addition running from a seagull on campus today"
by janie B January 14, 2007
A school that may or may not be filled with nerds. We eat from the ghetto truck everyday (even though ned's truck is better) but never get any fatter, mostly because we spend our free time running away from those fucking seagulls. We are physically incapable of being racist, because any racist will have the living shit shanked out of him by EVERY RACIAL GROUP. The security policies in our school are BS (as in Bronx Science, of course) thanks to fucking Clinton, those murderous raving beasts. Unlike Stuyvesant, we have the will to live and school spirit :). We are fucking geniuses, but our school slogan sucks. We are most definitely not worth the trip, fuck, my commute is 3 hours. We are in the middle of nowhere, the Bronx, and our only connections to the outside world are the 1 and 4 trains. Despite all of this, we are amazing.
kid1 (1am): yo what time you getting to school monday?
bxsci student: well, i left my house 5 minutes ago
kid1: aiight see you thursday

Did you see that kid at bronx science?
Yeah he was fuckin white
(gets shanked by several russians, czechoslovakians, arabs, and somalians)
by supermassivedeepseasquid July 01, 2010

1) A science school in the bronx
2) A place where the majority of the people practice Larrywong
3) to pwn someone in any science matter
Where's bronx science? In the bronx you retard

Shit, I heard they did larrywong in bronx science.

Fuck, you just got bronx scienced in that intel project.
by theworldismine March 13, 2007
2nd best public high school in New York City. Heavy work load, lack of sleep, lack of school spirit, college crazy, content with one's small clique. General consensus of dislike for principal valerie reidy by both students and faculty.
Bronx Science is one of New York City's finest high schools, while Stuyvesent is not... Brooklyn Tech doesn't even count
by kelly January 02, 2005
A school in the Bronx filled with Stuyvesant HS rejects. The kids then go brag about how Bronx Science is so much better than Stuy.

right after the results of acceptance are released

person 1: Eww you got into Stuy? that school is so retarded man. you shulda got into Bronx science like me man.
by bxscirejectz March 14, 2009
The worst school in America. Um how should i start...
- lack of sleep
- loser friends
- obnoxious people
- fucking bad principal and gay teachers
- so much hw and 5 exams every week
- cut off from pop culture and the world
- every1 turns into a nerd and a loser after graduation
- 4 fucking hrs of traveling
- no1 wants to want to you during lunch periods
In general.... a prison for peopl who are ready to relinquish their lives for academics.... is it really worth it???? NO!
Dude 1: Yo i wana become a doctor
Sciencite 1: Go to bronx science.
Dude 1: Are you fucking kidding me?? I am not ready to give up my whole life for school. Fuck that.
Sciencite 1: Fine at least I will becoe a doctor and not you.
Dude 1: Um no I dont think so I just wont attend a destrutive school like bx science. Why dont you go read your fucking ap calculus book for fun?
by Bronx science person May 16, 2008
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