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A bromantic dinner. A dinner between two heterosexual males having a bromantic relationship.
Yo bro, you free tomorrow night for a broner? I don't know if i should dump this bitch for her mom.
by if u r hot, i will jimp July 28, 2010
A slang term used to explain the phenomenon during which a fiercly heterosexual male achieves an erection (or, "boner") for or while in the company of one of his male friends (or, "bros"). This may only occur while engaging in all-male activities, particularly those which include feats of strength or displays of hyper-masculinity. Upon achieving a broner, the man in question is often known to exclaim, "dude, suck that shit!" or "meet me in the shower."
Dude when you bench pressed 300 lbs. I gotta huge broner
by CPOLL23 March 16, 2011
That erection heterosexual men get when
A:observing and/or participating in feats of extreme manliness
B: while doing or seeing something extremely Bromantic.
A: Hey man, Turn off the wrestling, it's giving me a broner.

B: I was watching the trailer for "Brokeback Mountain", and popped a huge Broner.
by Jesus on crackers April 11, 2010
When a male randomly gets an erection while in the presence of his male friends.

There is nothing sexual about it.
Guy one: Dude, why do you have a hard on, when I'm the only one around?

Guy two: It's a broner dude, don't worry.
by I say, now. February 05, 2010
The frat equivalent of a 'man-crush', used to describe a strong, yet totally hetero, attraction to another male.
Dude, I saw Fight Club again today and I totally have a broner for Brad Pitt.
by GillGIlliamJoben March 25, 2009
The type of erection you get when being massaged by another man, in a total non-sexual, friendly manner.
Fuck man, yesterday with Tom was so fucking awkward. He was giving me a massage after training, and i looked down and saw a fucking broner!
by krinkle September 10, 2007
arousal from seeing an incredibly hot armenian man.
bro, the way u puff on that cohiba is giving me a broner.
by mister chang October 25, 2009