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The act of receiving an erection after witnessing another man (naked or otherwise). Used in relation with bromance.
Dude, I think I got a broner from Brüno.
by rkomonk July 18, 2009
A broner is a form of a male erection (commonly referred to as a boner) but this variation is when the male erection occurs because of attraction to another male or in this case "bro" forming the name broner.
yo dude Zac Effron is so hot! He totes just gave me a broner!
by JAKEMARI___0 February 05, 2011
A Bro-ner is when you get an involuntary erection from doing something testosterone fueled and hella not gay with the bros. Popping a Bro-ner around bros is quite acceptable, and they will probably call you a "stud" and ask if you want to hit the gym or chug a fifth of Jaeger.
"Me and the bros were watching 300/ latest UFC fight last night and it was so sick, I totally got a Bro-ner."

"Dude, Mike put up 250 on the bench last night. I so got a Bro-ner"

"Poppin' collars, poppin' Bro-ners"
by KidIcarusss October 02, 2009
When a bunch of guys just hang out and everything is good. You become relaxed and all of a sudden feel a slight girth growth from below. It soon swells in accordance to the amount of broness in the surrounding area. No girls allowed. Discussion topics to insight a broner can include, but not limited to:

Anime (esp. tentacles)
winking assholes
skull fucking
Goose proudly displayed his raging broner to the class after a night long tandem session of goodness. Unbeknown to Goose, both Dave and Mike also had broners.

Broner Tandem Diagram:

Mike 8==>, Goose 8==>, Dave 8==>
by dfarbe1 November 22, 2009
An erection caused by an extreme moment of bro activity, including the noticing of a sick new lax pinny, fresh flow, an ice cold case of natty, etc.
Chad: Dude, did you see Brantford's new spoon? It's fucking sick!

Mike: Totes dude, completey popped a broner after seeing it.
by Bob Donatucci January 29, 2011
One man's cash and prizes entering a half-chub situation when in the presence of another male, usually a good friend. It is essentially an unintentional erection but retains no shame and is perfectly acceptable.
"Oh man, that's so awesome and cool. We agree on everything and I like it. High Five!" -Tim M.

"Absolutely. Total broner moment!" -Joe S.

"You guys are weird, do those actually exist" - Mary L.
by Giuseppe Gino February 10, 2011
An erection of the penis, caused by a bro's amazing bro-ness-ocity.
Bro 1: I slapped that bitch for you.

Bro 2: Dude, you just gave me a bro-ner.
by FirebertNY February 05, 2011