a burnt ass faggot wannabe bro desperate for friends, and smokes weed every chance presented to him. when asked, he will not admit to being burnt, then go home and smoke weed to feel better about himself. wears stupid ass sunglasses and the same jeans and dvs slips every day.
damn bromuel sucked my dick for a 20 sack yesterday!
by bgillzbag5sucks May 25, 2009
Top Definition
Some douche in my neighborhood who dresses like a bro and his name is Samuel so basically its a combination of the two. This term can be used for any Bros that are gay much like this one.

Dude did Bromuel get back from Glamis yet, I heard he sucked some guys dick there.
by meowth May 25, 2008
a Mexican jew who plays games and jacks off to gay porn all day.
dont be a bromueland com outside.
by bromuel July 10, 2008
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