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A form of brocialist government that consists of 2 parties.
1) Bropublicans
2) Dembros
Bro, I hate politics. What we need is a true bromocracy.
by brosephina April 21, 2008
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A form of government in which the bros make the rules and the bitches make the sandwiches.
bro 1: If i was in charge, no one would be starving because all our women would make sandwiches to feed the world.

bro 2: Dude, we really need a bromocracy
by the swamp monster October 05, 2011
A conglomerate of "bros" that exists for the majority consent concerning "bro" issues, such as party venues, music to be played in the household, and other such important concerns.
Matt: "Ashleigh wants me to start staying at her place."

Bilal: "Dude, get Spenser over here, and the bromocracy will vote."
by Brown Magick March 02, 2010

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