a person that likes to blow up stuff, have incest, fucks his family and be a muslim
N-J, an idler in irc with lots of hair on his ass
by viking January 09, 2005
Top Definition
a defensive instrument implemented by men to ward off falling groups of H2O; also known as an "umbrella"
I could tell it was raining.
Hence I whipped out my brolli and said to hell with those droplets wetting my face!
by It's_Rainin' March 09, 2009
Matt Flanders' alias for the internet. Never used by anyone else hence unique, and completly fucking gay all at the same time. If you are one of the persons using this name, please take a hair dryer, walk into your bathroom, and stick it under a running faucet while it's turned on.
Brolli, aka as Matt Flanders is a raging homosexual.
by -God June 29, 2004
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