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kin to the drug: molecule (MDMA). also affectionately known as "brolly". showgoers and festival patrons usually dose with brolecule to prevent crotch-rot and chafage. however, brolecule is extremely addictive. common results of dosing brolecule are a higher tolerance (a more dangerous effective dose) and an increase in frequency of use. it is uncertain whether brolly perpetuates the "bro" ethic at shows; or whether brolly is just the newest kitsch fad for the bro crowd. aka: bro-xtasy, gold bond, corn starch.
this writer implores the audience, when you go to shows, please use brolecule responsibly.
"there goes fuckin gogurt. jesus, he is so geeked out on brolecule." -bro1
"bro! gogurt sold me a quop of brolly at all-good festival last year. i was a train wreck all weekend." -bro2
"he has ultimate grade this year! im so rolled on brolly i can hardly talk right now! it feels like my balls are manufacturing vapo-rub, smoking crack, and full of glowstick chemicals." -bro3
"you guys take it in the anal wind-sock. everyone knows doing brolly will fry your taint forever." -wookie passerby
by go-gurt August 12, 2007
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