A phrase/action preformed by "My little pony: friendship is magic" fans. It is the pony equivocalness to a "fist pump" or "bro fist"
Dude, I just got My little pony on dvd!
No way!?!?
*bro hoof*
by Jaxpowers January 19, 2012
Top Definition
Friendly gesture between one brony and another in the form of connecting knuckles together (or hoofs).

Originating from My Little Pony, cult childrens TV cartoon.
Manly Man 1 - "I totally love MLP"

Manly Man 2 - "Yeah me too!! Brohoof!!!"

by sobamade June 27, 2011
n.) A high-five between two males who watch the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, due to any aspect, win, meme, etc. regarding said television show.

n.) A high-five between two ponies from the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with their hooves, respectively.

v.) To exchange a celebratory high-five either as a pony or because of ponies.
Will: Hey, guess what.
Theo: What?
Will: The new sode of MLP: FiM is good.
Theo: Awesome!
by X_GrandMoff_X May 30, 2011
The brony equivalent to a brofist. Commonly used by bronies in real life, but is sometimes used on the internet with the emoticon of "/) * (\"
Real life:

Brony 1: Hey man, did you see that new MLP episode? It was focused on Fluttershy.
Brony 2: Yeah man! Fluttershy's my favorite pony!

*The two bronies then do a brohoof"


Brony 1: Yo man, you see the new episode of MLP?
Brony 2: No, gimme a link.
Brony 1: <youtube link>
Brony 2: Thanks man, /)
Brony 1: /) * (\
by BleachCola October 25, 2012
a gesture that is an honor to receive
Brony 1: Can you send me the link to that living tombstone song?
Brony 2: Sure!
Brony 1: Thanks! Brohoof! /)
Brony 2: Brohoof! /)
by Totally not a horsefucker July 08, 2015
N.) This is Where two or more males have no idea what they are saying.
Bob: that was Awesome
Bill: no that was a bro hoof.
by this is not real January 17, 2012
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