What happens when four loko is banned from stores in America.
Man, Brohibition sucks. I can't get shitfaced on 3 dollars a can anymore.
by IMTHEBAWSS December 11, 2010
Top Definition
The occurrence when a friend is denied alcohol. Usually happens when there is not enough to go around, especially to that one person that always mooches.
Ryan was partying with his bros, when Luke showed up with none of his own alcohol. Luke was immediately put on brohibition for the remainder of the night because of his previous alcohol mis-happenings.
by TxSpoon November 11, 2007
The only law is that you can't NOT drink.
As president of the United States of Bromerica, I now instill the law of Brohibition until I'm too wasted to remember I instilled a law.
by dexbuddy May 07, 2009
When a bro is forced out of being a bro.
Brohibition has caused many bros to stop doing brotastic things.
by Willisig October 20, 2009
When a bro decides that it would be best not to drink brews or consume alcohol with his bro's and it is most easily achieved with a lame excuse. Bro-hibition has and always will be frowned upon in the world of Bro-therhood.
We were hanging out drinking having a good time when we decided to invited our bro-ther over to down some brews, when he replied with a half ass excuse that did not justify not drinking. Wow that douche bag really knows how to commitment "Bro-hibition"
by KidRobot FREAK August 21, 2009
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