A character in the Zork adventure gaming series.

Brog is a particular Brogmoid, who was instrumental into the bringing of magic back to the Great Underground Empire. He was looking for a safe ground from the Inquisition when he crawled into the Totemizer, which dumped him in Hades. He was recruited by a former Frobozz Electric Perma-Suck Salesman who got him to find the Skull of Yoruk. The skull was one of the three magical artifacts the salesman used to bind all magical energies. The explosion on Flathead Mesa that resulted from this shattered Brog's totem, and he fell off of the cliff. Luckily, he survived.
Brog like rocks, mmmm rocks!
by Brog_Likes_rocks June 30, 2004
Top Definition
Slang for softdrink in some areas of Norway.
Skal vi stikke å kjøpe brog?
by Arild May 05, 2008
a blog used solely as a platform for bragging
"Did you read Jamie's brog yesterday? He got voted valedictorian and prom king. Let's kill him."
by Victor Pineiro October 25, 2007
A name guys call eachother cause they think they are cool, even though it has no meaning.
broj "Hey brog, wanna hang after school today?"
by maddsbaby202 December 11, 2009
A combination of the two words "bro" and "girl"; a female "bro".
Laura - Hey, Derek!
Derek - Sup, brog?
by djsteink November 18, 2011
brogs is the word short for bro sunglasses. bros are people that live in the 909 esp; the ones who ride motocross, and attend the indoor x games. brogs are usually made by companies such as spy, von zipper and anarchy. this word was invented by travis waddell in july of 2005.
dude, those are some totally crazy brogs, those must have cost you 80 bucks.
by SHIVADIVA August 01, 2005
To brag about somebody or something on a blog. You can brog on your own blog, or in a comment on somebody else's.
"Hey John! Great presentation yesterday! I totally brogged about you this morning!"

"Hi Tara. Thanks for brogging on my post today! What can I say? I'm a born genius!"
by Karen G. August 21, 2008
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