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A town in western New York. Actually, a village, it's too small to be a town. It is populated by trailer parks and one gas station. People inhabiting this village will most likely work at said gas station, or are a drug dealer.
This town will rarely be found on a map. Surrounding towns are Portland, Westfield, Dunkirk, and Fredonia. There is one road traveling through the town itself and while traveling on this one mile of road, you will see the whole town. Located on this road you'll find the previously mentioned gas station, a school, and a row of decrepit houses.
Population is about 84.
"I'm from Brocton, New York."
by k528 November 27, 2011
Brocton is a place where everyone know's your business.
Tommy and Lara live 5 miles apart in Brocton yet Tommy know's Lara has her period.
by Springlover420 August 28, 2008
a very small town in Illinois, rarely heard of by the average human. characterized by teenagers who think they're cool. the people who live in the country of brocton are rumored to be way cooler.
I saw that kid that dropped out of highschool in Brocton last night hangin out in front of the store. I wish the cooler kids lived in Brocton.
by Gemma Later September 06, 2008

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