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pr.bro-shoo, verb
To widen the mouth of your beer by following these steps:
1. Buy or steal a beer.
2. Open your beer.
3. Place your thumb on the bottom of the tab.
4. Place downward pressure on the tab.
5. Begin to rip the beer can from the bottom left of the tab all the way up to the top right.
6. Check out how big the hole is in your beer can.
7. Pound your beer in the face of all the other losers at the party who cut their fingers when they try to brochu their beers.
8. Slam your empty beer can on the ground and bang the hottest chick at the party who's been staring at your jack and beanstalk all night.
Man, I with I could brochu my beers like that kid. Not only can he chug, but he hooks up with all the hottest chicks.
by Mike Foley April 29, 2007
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