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A hybrid of the words "bro" and "bachelor."

Basically means a bachelor who puts his bros before finding a woman.
Desperate: Hey, there's a cute girl over there. You should go swoop that up!

Me: No way, man, I haven't seen these guys in forever!

Desperate: But you're single, dude! How will you find a wife?

Me: Hey, man. I'm a brochelor.
by Blake the Brochelor January 05, 2011
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Bros before Hoes. This guy has no bitch, not because he can't get one..

But because he'd rather get wasted with his buds, watch tv, play ridiculous amounts of cod, eat like a starved animal, etc. without having to answer and devote his time to some woman.
Brochelor: "Man... i really want a sandwhich... guess i'll just have to make it myself."
by cortle.abc123 January 21, 2011
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