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A bracelet hand made by one bro and given to another bro as a gift and a sign of friendship. It is most commonly made out from cut strips of a bandanna that have been braided together

The brocelet is the ultimate sign of a bro's devotion to his best bros and should be treated with the utmost sacred respect, never to be romoved except by uncontrollable and accidental means or to be replaced by another brocelet that has been received
Bro #1: "Hey bro, check it out. I made you a brocelet"

Bro #2: "Aw, thanks bro, i won't ever take this off...unless something uncontrollable happens like a surfing shark attack"

Bro #1: "You're my best bro man"

Bro #2: "You're MY best bro...i love you bro"
by C-$$$ January 26, 2009
A decorative circlet worn around the Bro's wrist, similar to the jewelry worn by women. But OK for a dude to wear.
Bobby's latest brocelet was a fine item of manly charm. He wore it proudly.
by BakuBaku December 04, 2011
The type of bracelet worn only by a "bro". Has qualities that mark it as borderline homosexual.
Dave: Did you see Bryan's new brocelet?
Paul: A brocelet? Shit, it appears we've lost him to the bros.
by Jetty P. January 05, 2009
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