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probono work or labor that is consented through the awkward expectations of being a close friend.
Daryl: "Yo! you finally dropped some trax kid?"
Alvin: "Hell yeah foo! Dropped them yesterday in Jan's studio!"
Daryl: "SHEEET! How much dat nigga charge you?"
Alvin: "This shit was brobono son!"
by Oral Bee May 19, 2007
31 3
The act of providing free services to friends. Originated from the legal term "pro bono" meaning "for the public good" or "free".
Friend #1: "Hey man, I need a logo designed for my new company but I dont have a lot of money"

Friend #2: "no problem man, your my best friend, I'll do it Bro Bono"
by FreshBreaker April 15, 2010
18 1
Bro bono, is any project related to your profession that a friend or family member asks you to do, that if it was anyone else or a paying client you would either write them off as a difficult client, charging them a lot more as they change the scope of the project, or dismiss the project all together.
As a graphic designer a "friend" asks you to design a website for their basement t-shirt company, the only problem is they are thinking Rock& or - bro bono
by georgeandre April 27, 2008
14 13