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probono work or labor that is consented through the awkward expectations of being a close friend.
Daryl: "Yo! you finally dropped some trax kid?"
Alvin: "Hell yeah foo! Dropped them yesterday in Jan's studio!"
Daryl: "SHEEET! How much dat nigga charge you?"
Alvin: "This shit was brobono son!"
by Oral Bee May 19, 2007
The act of providing free services to friends. Originated from the legal term "pro bono" meaning "for the public good" or "free".
Friend #1: "Hey man, I need a logo designed for my new company but I dont have a lot of money"

Friend #2: "no problem man, your my best friend, I'll do it Bro Bono"
by JayBee123wesrgdfh April 15, 2010
As in "pro-bono"; doing work for a bro for little or no cost.
My friends are all broke so I work on their computers bro-bono
by maxfactor March 17, 2015
Bro bono, is any project related to your profession that a friend or family member asks you to do, that if it was anyone else or a paying client you would either write them off as a difficult client, charging them a lot more as they change the scope of the project, or dismiss the project all together.
As a graphic designer a "friend" asks you to design a website for their basement t-shirt company, the only problem is they are thinking Rock& or - bro bono
by georgeandre April 27, 2008
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