Woman, usually of brown hair tanned skin...
Not necessarily just that, it can be used to describe any female. Instead of using the 'Bitch' word, you can call her a broade
"That's one fine ass broade!"
"... One stupid ass broade."
by Sailent Shadow September 12, 2008
Top Definition
a broad who is a bro
Chris: Yo wrangler, lets hit the bar.

Wrangler: Nah boss, I'm chillen with one of my broades 2nite.

Chris: soft
by Wrangles_ Lola1 September 24, 2009
Pronounced Bro-aid, just like a parade, a Broade is a large gathering of broish dudes traveling to and from a destination.

Most likely to be seen traveling to football games, Fraternity row, Spring Break, the bars, Coachella etc.
"Make way for the Broade!"

"Today's the annual Broade to check out the talent out at bid day!"

"The douche factor of this bar just came up from that Broade that walked through the door."
by branik December 04, 2015
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