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A bro who likes to hug other bros.
"Dude, Kyle can't stop hugging me. I think he's a broa constrictor."
by broskie March 04, 2005
A bro who incessantly takes all the fun out of brotivities and totally ignores brotocol.
David: "Man this club is totally brotastic lets go play ice hockey on the dance floor wit da ladies"

Brandon: "Nah that's gay we should go read a book without any ladies"

David: "Quit bein such a broa constrictor!"
by Brobediah & Broba Fett October 08, 2010
The word Broaconstrictor or any variation of the spelling means.

Any person who takes your close friend or "Bro" away from you by means of consuming his time with them instead of you. Generally this person is a love interest, but it could also be family or his other friends.

The term Broconstricted , or any variation spelling means that your friend is busy with the Broaconstrictor.

Christian: Jessica has plans with Mikey all the time we never get to see him anymore

Jake: Yeah man she's a Broaconstrictor


Christian: Hey is Mikey coming out tonight ?

Jake: Nope , he's Broaconstricted, as usual.
by ThaatKiid February 10, 2012
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