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a tools go-t. Enhancing their fake outter shell in order to make them look cool or look tough.
oh dude! check out that tool, he is rockin the bro-t. what a fag.
by stew pidassole May 26, 2009
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BROT is a quite old but unknown cs-clan. They tend to make fun of themselves and everything else. Their website is wich means something like "most gay" in a childish way to express. They try to be sappy everywhere they can.

The right spelling is in square brackets and hyphenated left and right.

They have an ad banner on their site, telling to punch Saddam and win a one night stand. There are sources claiming it is not possible to win a ons with Saddam Hussein.
-BROT-666 is a Member of the BROT-Clan
by blubb May 18, 2006
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What you would say when addressing "The Best Rogue on Tichondrius"
...So the other day i saw the B-ROT solo the Lich King with some knife from COD mw2... it was the illest thing ive ever seen...
by Murdrworship March 25, 2010
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From the popular game World of Warcraft, an abbreviation for Best Rogue on the Server. Extended to mean anything that is cool, rocking, or generally a good thing. Also:BROTSworthy (Worthy of the BROTS)
Have you seen Paul's moves on the dance floor? That kid is the BROTS.

Wow, nice car man, Definetly BROTSworthy.
by Jon McCaffrey January 06, 2007
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